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Heavy Blaze Night
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You'll get the blend file to test/demo your decals. Decals of the first image are not included (you'll get the second image blend file).

Blend file named Wcutters include the front and side cutters and opens in matcap view. Images shown are viewport renders.

HDRI not included, but it works well with the environments included in Blender.

Blender Addons used: HopsCutter, Cablerator, Powersave, KitOps and DecalMachine (The Blend file works without addons).


By purchasing this digital product, you agree that you won't redistribute, sell or/and resell the content of this product partially or in it's totality without the permission of the original owner (Heavy Blaze Night).

As digital product, there are no refunds.

Any question, suggestion or comment feel free to contact me on:


This product is not currently for sale.

Blend file of the demo sphere.



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